No sound or audio recorded

Finding no audio recordings from a sleep session recorded can be due to a number of possible reasons:

1. The recording mode selected did not include audio recordings
Pillow has multiple recording modes that can be selected by swiping up right above the "Start button". To enable audio recording, select one of the following modes:
- "Full mode"
- "Sleep Cycles + Sounds"

2. Microphone sensitivity too low.
Pillow uses the microphone to record audio and has three levels of sensitivity: "Low", "Medium", "High". This setting can be adjusted in the "Settings panel".
If the microphone sensitivity is set to "Low" Pillow will ignore sounds below a certain level. In that case, try increasing the sensitivity of the microphone to "Medium" or "High".

3. Pillow does not have access to the microphone
Pillow requires access to your device's microphone and that is why you will be asked to give Pillow permission when you record your first sleep session. To ensure Pillow has proper permission:
- Open the Settings app on your iPhone
- Go to: Privacy > Microphone 
- Make sure Pillow is turned On
- If it is already turned On then turn Off and then back On again.

4. A session includes too much "Awake" time
Pillow's sleep analysis algorithm excludes all sounds during any part of the session marked "Awake". If your session has a large percentage of "Awake" time then Pillow might not have had the chance to record a sound

5. Sleep aid sound played during the entire sleep session
Pillow cannot record any sound while a sleep aid sound is playing. For example, if you have set the Sleep aid duration to "Manual" > "Non-stop" then Pillow will not be able to record any sound.

6. Playing Audio from other apps 
Pillow cannot record any sound while audio from other apps is also playing (like Apple Music, Spotify etc.). Pillow will automatically detect when audio from other apps stops and will resume recording but it will not be able to record anything if the audio from the other app played during the entire sleep session. This is also true even if you use a Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headphone or Airplay-enabled speakers.

7. Not enough iCloud and/or local storage
Although audio recordings take very little disc space. However, in some rare occasions the device you are using or your iCloud will not have enough space to store the sounds.

If you are still experiencing problems with sound recordings please contact our support team to help you right away.

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