I don't see any heart rate data

This article discusses issues related to the heart rate analysis in Pillow.

Make sure you use a wearable device that tracks heart rate
Pillow does not track heart rate directly. It performs heart rate analysis using data from Apple Health that has been provided by a wearable device like the Apple Watch or another compatible device/app.

Confirm that you use the latest version of Pillow
1. Open the App Store app
2. Go to "Updates"
3. Check if there is any available update for Pillow and install it

Confirm that Pillow has permission to read heart rate data from Apple Health
1. Open the Apple Health app on your iPhone
2. Go to "Vitals" > "Heart Rate"
3. Select "Data Sources & Access"
4. Verify that Pillow is listed under "Apps allowed to read data" and the switch next to Pillow is turned On.

Additional Steps
If the above recommendations don't work please restart your device and check if the issue is resolved. Also, please bear in mind that data synchronization between the Apple Watch and the iPhone is not instant so in some cases, it might take a few minutes for the Apple Watch to send the heart rate data to Apple Health.

If you are still experiencing any issues, please contact our support team to help you.

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