What is included in the Premium Features of Pillow?

Pillow’s Premium Features allow you to enjoy the maximum that Pillow has to offer to help you track and improve your sleep.

Here’s what it’s included:

Full access to your sound recordings: Play, delete and export any sound that you have recorded each night

Compare your sleep quality with Apple Health Metrics Pillow allows you to compare you sleep quality with up to 10 Apple Health metrics such as weight, steps, calories, caffeine consumption and discover how your sleep quality is affected.

Full access to your daily sleep analysis Access all your past sleep analysis reports complete with access to your audio recordings and heart rate analysis.

Full access to your sleep statistics & trends Gain a deeper understanding of how you sleep by accessing key sleep metrics such as sleep quality, sleep duration, sleep profile that you can view on a weekly, monthly and yearly view.

Powernap modes Enjoy the scientifically proven benefits of napping with 3 specially designed nap modes.

Premium wake up alarm sounds Access all of Pillow’s Premium curated list of wake up sounds and full access to all future additions.

Select a wake up sound from your iTunes LibraryUse any song or sound from your iTunes library as a wake up sound.

Database export Export your entire sleep database in .csv format for safe-keeping and further analysis on any other medium.

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