Can I export my Pillow data?

Yes! Pillow allows you to export your entire database as well as the sound recordings. Please bear in mind that both types of data export are part of our Premium Features package.

Exporting your database

Pillow currently supports exporting sleep database to a .csv file. The resulting file contains sleep quality percentage, sleep start and end times, time in each sleep stage (Awake, REM, Light, Deep), the number of sounds recorded and wakeup mood for each sleep session.

To export your sleep database:
  1. Open Pillow on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap on the 'Settings' icon
  3. Go to 'Database' 
  4. Select 'Export Database

Exporting your sound recordings

Pillow currently allows you to export your sound recordings by sending them as an email attachment.

To export a sound recording:
  1. Open Pillow on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Swipe horizontally to the left to bring up your sleep analysis
  3. Tap on the "Audio" tab
  4. Swipe horizontally to go to the session that has the audio recording that you want to export
  5. Swipe horizontally on the sound recording to bring up the export option
  6. Tap on the export button next to it.

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