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  1. "Analysis Failed" on the Apple Watch

  2. After an app update my sleep data are missing from the app. What can I do?

  3. After updating, I get a blank screen when starting Pillow on the Apple Watch. What can I do?

  4. Analyzing on the Apple Watch gets stuck. What can I do?

  5. Can I export Pillow data?

  6. Can I manually sync a sleep session from the Apple Watch to the iPhone?

  7. Can I set my own alarm times for the 3D touch shortcut menu?

  8. Can i turn my phone off while using Pillow?

  9. Can I use Pillow's premium features with Family sharing?

  10. Can I use the Apple Watch app without the phone being in contact?

  11. Can Pillow track my sleep automatically?

  12. Do I need to calibrate my device?

  13. Do you store any sleep data outside my phone?

  14. Does Airplane mode affect sleep tracking when I use the Apple Watch?

  15. Does Pillow have Apple Watch support?

  16. Does Pillow record every sound that may occur through the night?

  17. Does Pillow record every sound that may occur through the night?

  18. Does Pillow work if my device is on silent/Do Not Disturb mode?

  19. Does Pillow work in background?

  20. Does Pillow work with a CPAP machine?

  21. Does the alarm function work, even if my device is locked?

  22. Does the app work when the screen locks?

  23. How can I leave nap mode?

  24. How can I see my last night's sleep analysis?

  25. How do I force sync the session from Apple Watch to the iPhone?

  26. How do I get started with Pillow?

  27. How do I listen to my audio recordings?

  28. How do I need to place my device during sleep?

  29. How do I restore the in-app purchase?

  30. How does heart rate work in Pillow?

  31. How does iCloud work?

  32. How does Pillow calculate REM sleep?

  33. How does pillow calculate sleep quality?

  34. How does Runkeeper connectivity work?

  35. How does smart wakeup work?

  36. How to activate sensor recording in iPhone 5/5C

  37. I can't get out off the Upgrade/Premium window

  38. I cannot install Pillow on my Apple Watch

  39. I don't see any heart rate data

  40. I get the message "In app purchases not allowed" when I try to unlock the Premium features

  41. I purchased the Premium features of Pillow and now Pillow is asking again to unlock the Premium Features

  42. I try to purchase Pillow Premium and get "Purchase Failed". What's going on?

  43. I want to switch off iCloud for my device. Can I keep a local copy of my sleep data on the device?

  44. I woke up and the daily report shows "no data recorded". What's happening?

  45. I'm trying to restore my premium upgrade, but the app says "Restore failed".

  46. I'm using an iTunes library song as an alarm sound and the song does not play on wakeup. What's going on?

  47. If I am using iCloud sync, does the device need to be always connected to the Internet?

  48. If I pay for the Premium features, is this a one time payment?

  49. My Apple Watch does not sync with my iPhone

  50. My Apple Watch is showing that a session is active on the phone, but it is not. What should I do?

  51. My sleep sessions shows only "Awake" time. Why?

  52. My sleep shows as "Awake" for the whole night when using the Watch. Why?

  53. No sound or audio recorded

  54. Pillow asks to enable motion and fitness access, but it is already enabled. What should I do?

  55. Pillow does not appear under Privacy -> Motion & Fitness. What can I do?

  56. Pillow on my Apple Watch is in Chinese. How to change it back to English?

  57. Problems syncing my data via iCloud

  58. Sessions on my Apple Watch are not syncing with my iPhone

  59. Snooze does not work when device is locked

  60. The alarm does not go off or is completely silent.

  61. The alarm goes off after I delete/remove Pillow

  62. The intro video won't play

  63. Upgrade failed (Unable to purchase the Premium Features)

  64. What do the indicators (arrows) next to sleep quality mean?

  65. What if I'm sharing my bed with another person?

  66. What is REM?

  67. What is sleep aid?

  68. When using the Apple Watch, the smart alarm does not work accurately. Why?

  69. Why do I have to keep it plugged in during the night?

  70. Why do my audio recordings fail to play?

  71. Why does pillow need access to my motion data?

  72. Why does pillow need access to the microphone?

  73. Will notifications, texts and calls go through while Pillow is active?

  74. Will Pillow on the Apple Watch work with "Theater mode" enabled?

  75. Will Pillow work if I turn on Airplane mode on my iPhone or iPad?

  76. Will Pillow work under my pillow?

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